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Mods By JdgDReDD - J1mb0, Taipan Or Vanilla Sight Mod Packs + Xvm Only Packs in Full or Lite Version...

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Mods & Custom XvM By JdgDReDD 

Previous Version also available 

(see last post on last page for the most up to date announcements)


Your Choice of Main Gun Sights - Jimbo Sight Mod Pack, Taipan Sight Mod Pack Or Vanilla Sight  Mod Pack (stk sights), Plus Xvm Only (Full  or Lite Versions) are available with XvM configured my way ( XvM  only packages have no additional mods). Sighted packs come complete with all the MUST HAVE mods listed below. All packs are frame rate friendly, choose the pack that suits you. Jimbo Sight pack has only main sights, Arty sights are stock.


Over Target Markers (Custom Coded)


Over target markers show tier, tank class, tank name and remaining HP on that tank. JdgDReDD's custom color coded additions to the over target markers (tick Marks beside HP remaining value) in the over target markers, allow you to gauge who you're up against and who you're playing along side.


The left tick (beside the tanks remaining HP) is color coded to the players over all wn8, the right tick (beside the tanks remaining Hp), is the players damage efficiency in that vehicle (Hit points of the vehicle vs the avg damage that player deals in that vehicle).  


 The enemy text has a better shadow and larger font for greater visibility. Holding alt shows Player name, Health Bar and 4 digit WN8.





Mod Pack Downloads: 

(Current & Previous Version of WoT)


Download: Mediafire Download Center: Here

 (updates show immediately)


Sights Only Downloads: (Jimbo & Taipan2): Here



Installation & Settings

must complete the first 4 steps below to achieve the intended function (steps 5 & 6 are optional)


1) **Important, For a clean install, make sure  C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods & C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods folders are empty except for the 0.9.XX (current game version #) folders which must also be empty (Folders for older versions of the game can and should be deleted). In other words - delete your res_mods & mods folders and replace them with mine.


2) **Installation - Download & Extract the main mod file to the World_of_tanks folder. The default location for these folders is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ 


3) **WoT settings - Go to In Game WoT settings - (First) Goto general tab, then scroll down to the bottom right and select "always" for enhanced features on the mini map. (Second) in the General Tab, Enable 25x zoom. (Third) in settings, Feedback Tab/Damage Tab, disable or enable " detailed damage caused by you " depending on the pack you're using. Also enable or disable the logs of damage taken (I suggest leaving summary stats up but disabling detailed stats), Also depending on preference and the pack you're using. See images below


4) Activate XvM go to the XvM Website, activate your XvM - click "Activate Services" and "Update Statistics" buttons in the top middle of the window, and then choose your options by clicking the "Settings" button which controls the wn8 values displayed in game.  (Game restart required)


5) Sight Installation - (optional) Download & Extract the Vanilla or XvM pack of choice to the World_of_tanks folder. Then sights may be installed on top of the Vanilla or XvM pack of choice as well as any other mods you wish to add on your own.




All In One Mod Packs Include The Following:


Modpack Features


WoT Elements

Zoom - (enable in wot settings)

Damage panel - (Set stock dmg logs in wot settings)

Hybrid Mini map, XvM & WoT Features - (enable in wot settings)


Xvm Elements (JdgDReDD Exclusive)

Hit Log (Custom Coded)

Over Target  Markers (Custom Coded)

Enemy OTM text size and shadow (Custom Coded for greater visibility)

Wn8 based player panels (Custom Coded)

Hybrid Mini Map Features (Custom Coded)


Xvm Elements Enabled (Notable options)

Auto Return Equipment - Auto Bought w/credits

Lock Low Ammo Tanks 


Individual Modifications

No scope shadow

No Fog & Increased view range

Team Hp Pool Bar

YassenKrassen Session Stats

Arty/Td Gun Traverse Indicator

Damage Stickers (can see easier where you've hit/been hit)

White damaged tracks

Accurate damage direction indicator with count down (Legal Version)

In Game Wn8 Calculator



Recommended Game Settings


Battle Indicator & Log Settings


Recommended Sight Settings


Installation Tips & Tricks


 Fresh install every Major patch (if you have the bandwidth!!) Save yourself a few headaches, about 25% of the time the Update is the nearly the same size as the full install. To do this browse to C:\Games, right click World_of_Tanks, right click and select delete, then download the full client again(or you can uninstall the normal way through control panel). Pls note, you can have multiple installs of world of tanks, just copy and paste the main wot folder.


Empty your updates folder, delete old versions of WoT mods and delete old replays/screenshots

First browse to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods and C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods and delete all numbered files that are not the current version of World Of Tanks. (eg 0.9.15,, etc). Then browse to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\ and empty the following folders:

     a) Updates - everything in this folder is a "run once" deal and can be deleted the second the launcher is done updating your game. (potentially free up tons gigs of space)

     b) screenshots - from pressing print screen in game

     c) replays - dependent on WoT settings whether replays are being recorded and saved.


Defrag Your Hard Drive (except if you have SSD)

    Large files can slow loading and running of programs, defragging places them in optimal postitions on the drive to aid loading and running. (open my computer, right click your C drive and click properties, then tools tab)



FOR THE RECORDmy xvm full, Lite or vanilla packages can be installed OVER any other config you're running

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    06.04.2013 Version 1 is up now for All Packs 




Mod Pack & Sights Download location Mediafire: Here



 see post #1 Here for "clean" install instructions (Recommended)



(if there are issue please let me know, the mods are checked but some issues only occur on some machines and others are intermittent, gotta know to be able to fix it)

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